Saturday, 28 February 2009

Yahoo Answers: Tricks to get Major Traffic and Rank In Search Engines

The Yahoo Answers Trick:

Yahoo Answers -, as many of you already are aware of can be a great way to send traffic to your sites, affiliate links, etc, simply by answering other peoples questions. What many of you may not know is that you can get extremely targeted back links and actually tailer the question to suit your purpose.

Some important Details about Yahoo Answers you should know first:

- Links posted at Yahoo answers do use the "nofollow" tag, therefore they will not pass Pagerank directly to you. We are going for targeted traffic, not pagerank.

- Google almost instantaneously indexes new yahoo questions and answers.

- Google usually ranks yahoo answers very high in their search engine placement.

- Yahoo Answers is used by over 8 million unique people daily, around the globe

The Strategy:

1. Create 2-3 Yahoo answers accounts. One will be created as your "questions" account (you will ask questions with this account), and the other 1 or 2 will be your "answers" account(s) (you will answer questions with these account). Now, for instance if you are looking to market an ebook you personally wrote called "Bobs Weight loss secrets," do the following:

2. Sign into Yahoo answers with your "questions" account. Post a question such as "Is Bobs Weight Loss Secrets really as good as the reviewers have been saying? Make sure in the actual question you provide a link to the ebook sales page.

3. Sign in with any one of your 2 accounts you created to answer the questions. Reply with a solid honest professional review of the product and once again link back to the ebook sales page.

4. In a day or two log back in with your "questions" account and select the answer you gave with the "answers" account as the best answer.

What this Accomplishes:

- Gives you 2 solid back links for people to follow when they view the question and subsequent answers
- The Yahoo question itself will be almost immediately indexed into Google and rank extremely high in search results. This means that if someone is searching Google for "Weight loss secrets" or "bobs weight loss secrets" they will see the question in the search results, click it, read an amazing review of the product and then click one of the 2 links out to go buy your product.
- Thus you will gain an incredible amount of traffic from both, people accessing your question directly from Yahoo Answers, and from people searching Google who come across the question in the search results. They will likely read the review you gave in the answer, and immediately gain incentive to purchase the product.

An Extra Bonus Tip:

If you are lazy and just want to answer other peoples questions that are targeted toward the site you are marketing, then by all means do so. Answering other peoples questions alone can really help with traffic as well. If your answer is chosen as the "best answer" then you will get 3-6 times the traffic usually. How do you tip the odds in your favor of having your answer chosen as the best one? Well most people who post questions do not usually choose the "best answer". So this means the system does it for them, by votes. The glitch that Yahoo has in their system is that you, yourself can vote for your own answer as the "best answer". Considering that not too many people vote, a self vote for yourself will increase your likelihood of being accepted as the "best answer" by at least 50%.

Here are a few more sites that work similiar to Yahoo Answers but are not quite as popular:

I've got a few more of these Site optimization technique posts to go and i'm going to be posting 1 a day for about a week so keep coming back won't you 'cos this stuff is DYNAMMITE! and could blow some of those £40-90+ so called 'best ways' ebooks out of the water And you know what you'll all be paying don't you? Yep, that's right , absolutely NOTHING! Enjoy and don't forget to bookmark us and pop back regular!


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