Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm running a bit late for the 4th part of this series of dynamite money making blog posts so I appologise if you'd already been online and missed me! At least you'll have maybe 2 posts to read tommorrow! Anyway, let's start eh?

What I'm about to share with everyone is a step by step method how article marketing has worked for me, and I hope it can benefit everyone. If you don't implement it, maybe it can give you some new ideas of your own.

This is my opinion on how to get the most traffic from an article.

Okay - this method is assuming you submit all of your articles to EZA, with a good title, good article content, and a good resource box.


1st Step: Open up Word Pad - or whatever you like to use. The program you use must be easy to copy and paste that is really the only requirement.

* Type out the keywords you are going to target in your article and separate them with commas. -- press enter a few times
* Create your title --- then press enter a few times.
* Create your article summary --- press enter a few times
* TYPE THE ARTICLE ---- and press enter a few more times.
* Then of course type up your resource box.

Each part of writing an article is equally important do not neglect anything. Once you are done SAVE YOUR ARTICLE TO YOUR COMPUTER.


2nd Step: Submit your article to EZA. ( This should be easy because you just saved it to your computer. (The reason for pressing enter a few times between the different parts of the article was to help you stay organized.)


3rd Step: Wait one week - my favorite step for my method to market an article


4th Step: After that week has passed you are going to do some more with that article. Go back to your original article which you saved on your computer and copy your resource box. Then yes you guessed it press enter a few more times and paste it below the original one.

You are going to make some slight changes - on this resource box make one of the links point to your approved EZA article, and let the other still point to your webpage. Once you have completed this...

************************************************** *

5th Step: Submit your article with your new resource box (the one with one link pointing to your EZA article and the other pointed to the site that you are trying to promote) to the following 10 sites:

1. Go Articles (
2. Articles Base (
3. Search Warp (
4. Article Dashboard (
5. Buzzle (
6. Article Alley (
7. Amazines (
8. Isnare (
9. Article City (
10. Hot Article Directory (


Wrap up: Ok I know what you are thinking submitting your article to all these sites is going to be time consuming... Really it is not too bad once you have your username and password to all of these sites.

You have everything at your fingertips because your article is saved to your computer!

The traffic that ends up going to your EZA article and ultimately the website you are trying to promote grows exponentially and it is definitly going to be worth your time. I wish good fortune to everyone marketing online and I hope everyone has success.

Tune in again tommorrow for the 5th installment of this week long huge dynamite guide that i've serialized.


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