Monday, 15 June 2009

Here's a link to hacking a Huwaie E220 USB mobile dongle so that you can put any sim in it, this is useful for use with the O2 £10 a year internet access trick -
Have fun, the instructions and all the files are in the pack, just follow the instructions which are idiot proof and you'll have an unlocked E220 USB dongle!

How to get Internet for £10 a year! using USB dongle

Here's how to unlock your ZTE MF627 3 USB dongle for free AND get nearly free broadband internet for just £10 for a year!
First you either need a 3 ZTE MF627 USB dongle, you can get one here for £4.95 postage only (saves about £25!)
You have to register and get your coupon code from your email address.

you then get a 02 iphone simcard (make sure it's for iphone or this won't work!) this sim card gives you up 2 a year free internet with just 1 £10 topup or get 1 from ebay here:-|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1690|240%3A1308|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

After you recieve your SIM you need to run this program
to change your settings on your ZTE MF627 USB dongle so that it can lock onto the O2 network using the SIM (settings included in the package as a .jpg)

The way this works is by topping up the sim with £10 and choose a setting to unlock the O2 web and WiFi bolt on and turn it on. you'll get a text each month about renewal but it's free for the initial 12 months and then it reverts back to £10 per month! Also, the max you should use this is about 1GB although 2GB has been reported as being ok, this is because if O2 work out that the sim isn't in an iphone then they can turn off the bolt on as they can at any time! Just keep it minimal and you'll have free, personal access for a £10 a year!