Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to get your link on the 1st 2 pages of google for FREE!

Google indexes pages based on traffic flow, page rank, backlinks, and a myriad of other things. I have found that traffic flow is the number one factor to google, in other words if a website gets a shit ton of traffic then its probably important.

I did some research with this information in mind, and discovered that Yahoo is the number one site in the world traffic wise. Billions of people visit yahoo everyday, more than google. This all can be verified at

Okay, so how did I use this information. I started trying to get my links on yahoo, which turned out to be pretty easy and only took me about 20 minutes to discover. Still, its not being used by people which is a shame because google will index my yahoo stuff within 48 minutes like clockwork- and I am always on page 1 or 2 of google depending on how I structure my keyword content.

So heres how I did it;

Step 1- Register a yahoo email account, and create an avatar for it. (Important to create the avatar for credibility reasons).

Step 2- Go to Yahoo Answers, and post a question that is keyword rich BUT still sounds real. Yahoo people will delete it if you just pack it full of keywords, so dont be stupid. Heres an example I use;

Question Title: No prescription viagra? where can I buy no prescription viagra?

Question Details: Can you buy no prescription viagra on the internet? I get tons of spam for it, but I dont even know if no prescription viagra is legal. I wouldn't buy the viagra without a prescription from a spammer anyway, but the thought did cross my mind. Has anyone ever bought viagra online without a prior prescription? Can anyone tell me a safe place to buy no prescription viagra? I dont want to spend a ton of money, but I know viagra isnt cheap- is no prescription viagra the same price as when its prescribed?

Obviously my keyword is "no prescription viagra". Post the question, and wait 48 minutes for google to index the page.

Step 3- Once you see your page in google serps 1-2, go back to yahoo and register another email account. Remember to create the avatar again, my CTR is much higher when I have one. Make sure you register this email from a proxy because yahoo deletes questions that are asked and answered by the same IP.

Step 4- Answer your own question with a real sound answer, and include a link to your website in the "source" section. Heres another example;

Oh dude I know what you mean. I buy viagra online with no prescription, and its not "terrifying" like people will lead you to believe. Check out, they are the ONLY website selling BRAND NAME Viagra with NO PRESCRIPTION, and take credit cards.

Also, email and youll get a discount code for 10 bucks off.


Thats it, your all done. Not only is this giving you a great backlink with a high PR, but youll hold top google placement for about two weeks before you sink to page 2.

Its important to know that if the keyword your using is abundant in the serps, then you need to create an original headline so google notices its different. If you want to do viagra, use "no prescription viagra online? is it for real or a scam?".

Make it LONG, google will still pickup your keyword "no prescription viagra" and place you high. What google WONT do is place 10 websites with the same exact title on the first page. Also please note that because Yahoo answers is a 'NoFollow' site you won't get link juice in Google but if you're high up in the rankings for long tailed keywords then with the affiliates offers etc you could make a small fortune"


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