Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Using Youtube for video marketing!

Did you know that YouTube.com is more popular then every single TV networks sites combined, traffic wise? Well that is the case, and that in itself should show you how valuable Youtube, as well as other internet video sites are in a marketters playbook. The Top Videos on Youtube have been watched over 50,000,000 (Yes 50 million!) times. The top videos of the day often get over 1,000,000 views in just 1 day. Imagine the marketing potential here by just having a the url of your site show at the end of your video. How can you add your url to virtually any video as well as other forms of text quickly and easily? Simply check out the free service at http://www.bubbleply.com .

YouTube has been responsible for launching careers, such as that of YouTuber "Brookers" who was hired by Hollywood celebrity Carson Daly because of her cool videos. YouTube has also brought fame to previously unknown bands such as the "Sick Puppies," a band that became popular because a video called "Free Hugs" was set to the Sick Puppies song "All The Same." This just goes to show you the power that a catchy video can have on the creators life.

Anyone can simply create a home video, cartoon, music video, or anything else they are good at, upload it to YouTube.com and have it spread like a good virus throughout the world. The trick is to be creative, make a video that stands out of the fields of thousands of videos uploaded each day on YouTube.com. Once you have a catchy video, either mention the website you are trying to promote at the end of the video, use the website somehow in your video, or have the url display at the bottom of the video, or at the end. Statistics we have acquired show that a very surprising 8% of people who watch a video and see a url at the end will type that url into their browser to check it out. Think if you were one of the people who had your video viewed over 50,000,000 times. That would have directly been responsible for over 4,000,000 visits to the site you are promoting. Can you think of any better way to get that many possibly visitors to your site free of charge? Our research has shown that a black screen with your url in white text at the very end of the video and very beginning of the video gets the best response.

It is also important to note that once a video becomes known on Youtube, an starts generating buzz, the video will quickly become viral and spread throughout hundreds of video sites, blogs, and possibly even major media like Television. YouTube has basically become the hub for all word of mouth advertising.

How to make your video standout and catch viewers attention, as well as direct traffic to the site you are promoting:

1. Clearly demonstrate the product you’re marketing or have a link to the website you wish to promote.

2. Focus on something fun, something that people will want to share with friends.

3. Do something shocking, say something controversial, or show off a unique skill.

4. Make sure the video 100% is real; no tricks, no “smoke and mirrors.” YouTubers can tell a fake from a mile away.

5. Take advantage of YouTube tags; use adjectives to target people searching based on mood; and match your title and description to the tags.

6. Try different things. If you see that one technique gets a ton of viewers then do it again but improve upon it.

7. Don't stop at YouTube.com. Upload your videos at the various other video sites like, Metacafe, http://vume.com, MySpace, and Revver Video Sharing Network.

8. Add a link to the YouTube Video to Digg.com, as well as Netscape.com, and other social bookmarking sites.

9. Homemade Videos are just fine. You don’t need to hire a professional. A homemade quality video can work great. But plan ahead and shoot several takes to get it right before submitting the final cut.

10. Keep your video under 2 minutes. Many times people don;t feel like watching a 10 minute video. If they don't watch it, they won't be sharing it with friends.

11. Make your description an eye catcher. To best promote your video, you'll want its text description on YouTube to be accurate and interesting. Use key words, and make it interesting.

12. Get to know how to make a video, add music, sound effects, and at least give the viewers a pleasant experience. We recommend checking out this great site for help: Digital Video Freeware, Tutorials and Instructional Videos with Daily Updates. Also another great website that allows you to edit your videos online is Jumpcut - Be good to your video.

13. Tell everyone you know about the video you created, linking them to the video on YouTube itself. With any luck they will also tell their friends.

14. Be totally lame, but "on purpose," and with a surprise punchline. People love surprises.

15. Be completely original. Do something funny, crazy, stupid or just amazing that no one has done before, and that will grab viewers and make them want to show it to all their friends.

16. Have your friends view your video on YouTube, rank it, and then post a comment. This gives other YouTube users the heads-up that the an awesome video has hit the internet. It might also tip off the elusive YouTube editors that a buzz is being born and that they could feature it on the homepage. Also Have your friends register on YouTube and mark your video as a favorite.

17. Encourage users to subscribe to your video series. This is a great way to get added exposure by getting repeat viewers to your various creations.

18. As pathetic as it may seem, leave your video positive comments. People see them and at least won't not watch it.

19. Encourage viewer participation and support. For example "Leave a video feedback", or “make your own video like ours.”

Like we said above, you need to try different thing. More than likely your first video will not be a smash hit, however with every new video you make, you will get more of a following, and learn what people do an do not like. Not only can you get thousands of free website visitors, but who knows you could also become famous.


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