Saturday, 28 February 2009

How to get on Google's 1st page with your site!

*Howto* Own Google's 1st Page w/ Your Blog!!!! Simple Stuff !!!

Easy stuff guys:: I'll make it short & sweet

If you're looking to get on Google's first page, it's really simple... I have my blog listed 7 times on the first page of Google... for a 1,810,000 result search term!!

First, let's take your niche: I'll show you some examples::

What do you wanna be on GooglePg1 with ?? what will people type into the Search Engines to find YOUR BLOG ???

Now.. title your blog whatever that term is:
(ex: BlackHat Marketing 101)

Make sure you have 40/50 posts in your blog, related to BlackHat Marketing...
Get a couple backlinks (doesn't really matter)...

NOW- we're gonna go sign up with a few Blog Topsites such as:

etc... FIND THEM!!

After you've made accounts with all of these places, you're going to add a new blog (title it, (ex:BlackHat Marketing 101) ..) keep it the same as the blog title... and in the description, start off with:

"BlackHatMarketing 101"...etc.....

Now, after you've submitted your blog to ALL of these sites, you'll have to put the little tracker on your blog somewhere... DO THAT ~!!!!

After you're done submitting to all the directories, just wait a couple weeks, and you'll be listed on Google's 1st page for whatever search term you want!!!

Here's my Google Page 1: (As you can see I have 6 listings on the 1st page):
for the keywords (iPhone Hacks & Mods)

My others are :
TopofBlogs/DigNow/BlogCatalog/iPhoneHacks&Mods/iPhoneHacks&Mods Blogspot/ & Everything iCafe
And on the second page, mine are the:
TopBlogArea/iPhoneHacks&Mods/BlogTopList/CellPhoneForum(another post)...Listings

And on the third page , mine are the:
DigNow & BlogCatalog ....listings

Pretty crazy huh??... I get a good amount of traffic from this, and I haven't even posted on my iPhone site in probably 2 weeks or so!!!... it's amazing how something so simple can do something so amazing!!!

Good luck


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