Saturday, 28 February 2009

How to get out of a wheel clamping fine!

I thought I'd share this information with you all as I have know about it for quite some time. Basically its all about whell clamps and their users. I know they're a proper pain in the @ss, but I bet you didnt know that you can remove them WITHOUT incurring a fee?!!

Firstly, when you discover that your car's been clamped, check a few things. Firstly is it because your parking ticket has expired? If so you wont be able to do anything as usually you will have to hand the ticket back in to leave the car park. If it has been clamped because you are parked on private land, firstly check if there are clear and visible signs and also if the private car park's boundaries are clearly defined, any signs must have a contact number on where you can reach the clamping company. If any of this information is in doubt you can revoke their decision. Also if you have been clamped on private land, the clamper MUST hold a VALID SIA license accompanied by the license number on any signs they have warning of clamping. The clamper must hold his identification visible at all times and again, this must have their SIA license number on it. It is illegal for anyone to try to impose a clamping fee for parking on private land, similarly, it is illegal for anyone to allow someone to operate as a clamping company without a license. The fines imposed on the companies are hefty so it might be worth askingto see their VALID license. Like bank overdraft charges, the fine must be fair and proportionate (ie not like £300). If you do pay the fine, make sure you get a receipt with a telephone number on it where you can contact the person who issued it. That way you can always get back in touch should you find that you were charged unfairly or their details dont add up (ie they are a dodgy company with forged details.)
Having said all that, it is perfectly LEGAL to remove the clamp from you vehicle providing a) you dont damage the clamp - take a photo of it before you decide to remove it, and b) you return the wheel clamp to a police station local to where you were clamped - if you hand it in to the police, undamaged, there has no actual offence been committed! To remove the clamp, you WILL need your spare wheel. Simply jack your vehicle up on the corner it has been clamped, release all the air from the offending tyre and simply slip the wheel clamp off over the now flattened tyre. Schimples! You then remove the flat, replace it with your spare, put the flat and the clamp in your boot and drive to the nearest petrol station to re-inflate the tyre!
Enjoy people! Power to all drivers out there, we pay enough on road tax, petrol and insurance as it is without @ssholes like these trying to con us out of more money!


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