Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to bypass the block on virgin, talk talk and other ISP's

Hi, My name's Mike aka. (h4x0rm1k3) and I have taken control of this blog from the original author as he didn't have any time to keep on top of it. I believe that this could be a great blog with a little love and attention so i'm here to try and bring some life back into it!
Anyway, on to the main reason for this post, A lot of us in the UK have now had our access to blocked because of the recent ruling on the 27th April 2012. First it was Virgin media that blocked access and now Talk Talk has blocked access so i'm guessing it'll be a clean sweep soon!
As some of you may notice it is difficult and pointless using a public proxy so I have started using a different way which is painless, simple and also adds an extra layer of security to your system.

I have now started using a  service called a VPN which is short for Virtual Private Network. The way this works is very similar to a VPN but adds extra security to your browsing. Putting it simply it uses a program on your PC to change your IP to 1 that they have for you which allows you to browse the internet as you see fit but also in a way that no-one can tell where you come from as your I.P address is different which means that they can't hack you or try to use unsigned code!
By using a VPN in this way you can browse blocked sites like , download what torrent files you want and then turn off your VPN and run the torrent files up into your favourite torrent client. This will allow your torrent client to download the file still as it's not actually accessing, it's connecting to all the seeds and peers through the piratebay's tracker which isn't blocked!

Now, I bet you're thinking about how to get a VPN service now and what it's gonna cost? I can tell you that there is a well known and popular free VPN service that you can use for this and general browsing and it's real simple to setup and use. This free VPN service I talk about is called 'Hotspot Shield' by anchorfree. All you need to do is visit this link here - (direct download link for free version). Once you've got the download double click on it to start installation, there is probably a few options you need to click off during the installation as they ask if you want the ask toolbar etc so untick them and just let it complete it's download and installation. Once it's completed it will start a secure connection straight away for you which you can turn off anytime by opening up your  system tray (bottom right corner) and right clicking on the shield icon, from that menu you can turn on or off the VPN service so you go to and from normal to secure (unblock) browsing.

For a free VPN Hotspot Shield is an excellent service which for the free version, doesn't show many ads, in fact in over 30 pages browsed I never saw 1 apart from when you 1st turn on the VPN but then it's only a webpage which can be closed or moved away from with no problems. Again, the use of a VPN allows you to browse the internet completely anonymously because you're not displaying your real I.P address.
So, if you want to be able to browse again then you'll definitely be needing this guide because it will allow you complete access to the internet with no access blocks or whatever. This should also be useful if you're ever in a country with certain blocks on the internet.


  1. Try the proxy server (hide my ass) i have been using that ever since virgin put up its block

  2. Proxy servers will also work like hide my ass but depending on their traffic usage they can be slow plus proxy servers like those sometimes keep a traffic log which has to be handed over if asked by the authorities so you're not as protected as you think.
    With a VPN like Hotspot shield you will usually get at least a 2Mb connection and be completely anonymous because they don't hold any logs at all. You also don't have to worry about javascript etc missing from the sites you visit AND you'll be able to log into sites like facebook etc which you can't with some proxy sites!
    Also, don't forget that all you need to do really is just browse piratebay to download the torrent file. After that you can go back to normal browsing and your downloads will still be downloading because you're connecting to 1: other people and 2: you connect to the tracker, not piratebay directly!