Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to get nearly 500 FREE backlinks to all of your sites.

Here's a great way to get nearly 500 backlinks with your keyword as anchor text for free, zilch, zip, nada, zero! All you have to do to get these free backlinks is to head to this site - www.http://freebacklinktool.com and signup for their free account and then login. Once you've done that, click on the Members link at the top and then in the members area click on 'create backlinks'.

On the next page all you need to do is enter your website address and keyword (anchor text) in the boxes provided and click 'start backlinking'. It will take approximately 6-7 minutes to complete and you will need to keep that browser window open (you can open a new tab and browse elsewhere whilst it's running!), Once it's done it will tell you that it's completed and how many site's you've been bookmarked at with a complete list of which sites and where it's pinged for you.

It really is as simple as that! Nearly 500 backlinks will do anyone's offsite SEO some good no matter if they are low PR sites or not, every backlink counts in this game! My next post will be about a social networking promotion/posting site where you can send out your post to a number of social sites at once for even greater Google love!