Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to post to 4 social networking sites at once for offsite SEO gain

Here's a neat little trick that will allow you to post to 4 social networking sites (if you have the accounts for them that is but it's easy to make and start them) all at once to save you having to log into each one and post your latest post etc each time. They even give you a little browser button add on so you can do it all from the page you want to post which makes things 10x easier for you!

The site i'm talking about is - http://seesmic.com (formerly ping.fm) , just pop along there, sign up for free and add your social networking accounts to the account and if you want add the browser add on for extra ease of use. All you've gotta do then is start adding the posts you want to get indexed fast, viewed etc and bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt, job's done, Simple as that!

Now, a lot of you must know that Google simply loves social media sites at the moment so any post you put on those sites will get crawled quickly and a lot of weight is added to any links it picks up from them also so it's a great idea to get as many natural looking links from them. Even though it's only 4 sites it's a good start and so simple to set up you'll kick yourself for not knowing about this earlier.

Next thing i'm gonna blog about is going to go one step further than this post as I'm gonna show you a site which has 58 social networking and bookmarking sites for you to add your accounts to and also has 160+ RSS feeds (although i'm not too sure what to do with the RSS feeds yet!) I know 58 sites is a lot to sign up for and add but it's well worth it in the end and also why I've only given you seesmic.com to start you off with so you can see how much easier it is for you.

I hope you're liking the kind of stuff i'm bringing to you all, if there's anything you want to mention, comment about or even ask for inclusion then please don't hesitate to reply via the comments box in any of my blog posts and I will do my best to answer you as best I can. Thanks for reading.