Monday, 15 December 2008

CPA & Squidoo money making guide

the CPA & Squidoo money making guide

Now this is a short method.... short because i dont want people stealing my niche (dont worry you wont steal my money) or just copying it exactly you need to add a twist to make big money on this.

1st - CPA you need free offers of anything.... you choose your niche or category etc but needs to be free (i think).

2nd - You need a squidoo account to make some lenses and preferably some squid experience.

Now if you have these two thing you can move on...

Phase one choose your niche (for example free samples of soap)

Now your lense will be in the shopping category (works best) and needs to have a good catchy (longer) title and short url (url isn't that important)

Next you need to add some content (make sure you use an image and text format etc)

Now time for tag research to get some traffic..... go and search for lens similar to yours.... and literally copy all of their tags (if they are all relevant).... Eventually this will mean that your lens will appear on other peoples lenses in the 'explore related pages section' meaning you get good traffic for free....

Your lens must be maxed and i suggest you don't have the explore related pages add on to your lens as you may loose conversions but its up to you.

Enjoy (Oh and i setup my lens the other night in 30 mins and left it came back today and found i had 20 clicks (only had 5 tags) and 4 conversions meaning i made $5.60 (small money but i hadnt even optimised let alone finished the lens yet)


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