Monday, 15 December 2008

Autoblogging to the bank!

I have a few autoblogs...because I like them. I have one that I set up one day and have done no promotion with. It auto posts articles and youtube videos and I am steadily increasing in organic traffic each month. It's been up for about 4 months and now up to 200 uniques a day. Not bad for no promotion whatsoever. So I thought I'd let you'll know what I use for plugins and you can add your better ones and even better theme. I get clicks daily and I'm not even using a adsense optimized theme (I want my blogs to look natural enough and not clouded to the extreme with adsense) so I'm sure you guys can do better. I'm averaging 50c-$1 a day per blog after about 2 months of letting them sit so I'm sure you can get better if you start promoting right away.

I use the unique article wizard plugin for posting articles, but for more obscure niches, you are going to want a different autoposter as this I have noticed is only best for popular/broad niches. I use the wpyoutube plugin [the free version as each blog is a mix, and not strictly a video blog] to post youtube videos automatically. I use the Platinum SEO plugin and load my keywords that I pruned from Keyword Elite into it along with a keyword rich title and description. I use the YPN-Adsense plugin to automatically add adsense to my posts in random spots so the people do not become ad blind to my ads =P.

On some of my blogs I use more plugins while on others these are the only ones I use. I don't show ads on my homepages for any of these blogs and I still get clicks within the posts. Perhaps I would get more if I put them on my homepage, but again, I like to keep the blogs halfway decent like so people stay on them longer.

I do no promotion whatsoever with these blogs. I don't even put their links in my sigs or do bookmarkings...nothing. I have it now where I can set up one of these blogs in an hour or less and forget about them. Autoblogs are great for adsense earnings because they do all the work for you once you put the initial effort in. $30/month per blog is not bad either for no promotion.

I had someone ask for more detailed explanation so I am going to include my response to them here in case anyone else needs it:


While I am setting up my blogs, I have keyword elite gather the keywords for me, but you can use the google keyword tool or any other free tool to generate keywords if you prefer.

Since you already have a hosting, if you have Fantastico, you can automatically install wordpress with it. I use domains that have the keyword[s] I am targeting in it and try to keep it at two to three words [if I'm using the word 'the' or 'a' or something small like that].

Then install wordpress on it.

Install the minimum plugins. The link to the ones I mentioned is here:
Platinum SEO plugin

I have not updated the folder with the new versions, but in the new wp, you can do that automatically]. If your niche is really obscure, you may try the caffeinated content plugin, or another autoposting plugin. Any plugin that will post content related to your niche.

Activate them.

Go to the Manage--> Categories link.

Add keyword rich categories. At least the broad ones and then more narrow.

Then go to the UAW plugin under the Settings link.
Enter the required information [self explanatory that page should be]. When it tells you which categories to select, select all the ones that you added. Do NOT select uncategorized as you will then be getting posts that are not at all related to your niche. Click on update and test and it will tell you if it was able to make a post. [You can delete that test post if it is success too].

Then go to the Adsense plugin and add your info there [again self explanatory] and save. I use 2 units per post, but you can select 3 if you like. I also only use the smaller ad units, but again you can choose as you prefer].

Then go to Manage --> WP Videotube and add the keywords you want the videos to be related to. The free version allows you to add 3 keywords and at what intervals you want them to post. I usually space it out between keywords. I put one at every 8 hrs, one at every 10, and one at every 12 hours and I humanize it.

Find a free theme related to your niche and upload it to your sever and activate it. Click on widgets in your admin panel and make sure that you have your tag cloud, recent posts, and categories in the very least showing in your side bar.

Gather your keyword list that you generated and load it into the Platinum SEO plugin. Add the title and description as well. Save.

Completed. Move on to the next blog. And/Or promote that one for more traffic.


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