Monday, 5 January 2009

How to change your IP address on virgin

This is a way of changing your IP address on Virgin broadband modems in the UK, it's by using a program called SMAC and it just changes your NIC MAC address which in turn changes your IP address after the modem's been reset.
Follow these instructions exactly otherwise it'll probably not work!

Download tool called Smac from :
The password is
Unplug modem (cable modem) from power
spoof PC NIC Mac address with Smac (change the mac of your pc ethernet card with smac)
plug power back into modem (make sure ethernet is plugged into modem and pc aswell)

Now just wait for the modem to boot up fully and you will be assigned a new IP address to the one you had before!!

Only thing with this way is you will still have the same HOSTNAME (google it) as you had before,

You can change your HOSTNAME by simply cloning the Cable modem mac of another modem using the knowledge shared earlier

There you go, now you can download from Rapidshare etc without time limits etc or you can even go and be your own referal on certain sites by just changing your IP address and maybe clear out your cookies as well just incase! Use your imagination, there's loads of uses for this!
This may be usable on other networks, I don't know personally, just give it a try and if it works then please report back for others to use.


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