Sunday, 25 January 2009

Here's a stupidly simple cash generator YOU! Can Implement Now!

I never wrote this guys. I just found it and thought you might like it.

I was recently approached at an event I was speaking at and asked,
"How can I generate some quick cash? Is there an honest way of
doing that?"

When I explained this method-everybody started writing, so I thought
I would share it with my fellow members.

I named this: "A Stupidly Simple Cash Generator" or how to generate emergency money NOW!

Start this today and I'm sure it will carry you through the holiday crunch.

This is very easy to do and can generate at least $1,000-$1,500
within the next few days!

First, you need to find some local business owners who need
what you're about to offer them here. No, you won't be pounding
the pavement or cold calling anyone....they will be calling YOU.

You can use a couple of methods to find these clients.

1. You can simply go to the phone book and look up businesses in
your local area. Write down any business that you want. You will
use that list to check the internet in a minute or two, so keep it
handy. Some listings will include the business url.

2. OR you get an in depth "drill down" listing from GoLeads
which will give you tons of information on all businesses in ANY
geographic area. Cost is about $15 for unlimited access. :-)
(No, I'm not an affiliate but it works.)

Once you have your list, about 25-30 is all you need to start. Look
them up on the internet to see if they have a website. For this
particular deal you want them to have a website. (If they don't
have a site yet, that's a different model.)

Once you have a few of the websites, visit them.

Here's what you're looking for: Any business site that does not have a
capture mechanism installed on their FRONT page.

In other words, they need to have an auto-responder opt in form
on their front page. If they don''re in for some quick cash.

When you have about 25-30 "prospects" send them this letter:

************************************************** *
Mr./Ms. ___________

My name is ______________ and I am a local e-commerce
business consultant.

I know your time is valuable, as is mine so I'll get right to the
point. If I could show you an unused asset that you ALREADY
have that could make you thousands of dollars, would you be
willing to speak with me for 15 minutes?

This free consultation can save you as much as 50% of your
entire monthly advertising budget AND bring you brand new
customers at the same time! The best part is that you already
have it, so the cost to implement this marketing weapon is

Please call me at (your number) at your earliest convenience to
schedule a free "no strings" consultation. I promise you, it will be
worth your time.

Yours in business,
Your name
Contact info
************************************************** ***

That's it! Believe me when I say that your phone will ring off the
hook. DO NOT mass mail that letter! You really only need to mail
25-30 per week and you'll be busy.

Now that you have the clients calling you, the next step is to set a
consultation appointment and meet them. The unused asset they
have is of course their website which has no list building

The "money is in the list" applies to ALL businesses, not just
online marketers. By building a proper list they can cut their
advertising dollars at least in half. Just send a customer blast
about an upcoming sale instead of paying $4,000 for a full page

You follow me here?

All you have to do is set up an auto-responder opt in form on their existing site! That's it.

I have coaching students who are making $250-$500 a deal with
just this method. It's very easy to generate 4, 5 or even 6 deals
per week this way. Heck, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to put
the form on their site and that's if you're slow!
(Outsource it to fellow warriors if you have too.)

I usually visit their site, right click and select "view source" and
save it in notepad. Then I open the notepad in an html editor and
install the form.

*NOTE* I can use their AR service or mine. You'll just have to
work the minor details out with them. Don't turn it into a can
of worms-KISS

I use Trellian pagebuilder, which is free and allows me to preview
the finished site. Once I'm done I save it as, "theirsitename.html"
send it to their programmer and they can swap it. Otherwise, you
have get all the login info, etc. from the owner.
(I charge $50 if I have to load it.)

In either case this usually leads to a question from the owner,
"who is going to write the emails" which is another monetization
chapter for later....

Just so you know, almost half of all the sites I look at fall into the
category of no capture system. It may be more or less where you
live, but it's a rampant problem....everywhere. Why? Because
they simply don't understand e-commerce.

By the way, GoLeads will also give you the name of the business
owner, number of employees, etc. Do your first one the hard way
if you have to, but it's worth the $15 to be able to put their name
on the letter.

Response rates will triple if you use their name and this little trick:

Stamp "CONFIDENTIAL" in red block letters on the front of the
envelope. This will make them put your letter in the "open later"
pile instead of straight into the trash.

It's a simple but effective strategy especially if you use their name.
You can get a confidential stamp at Staples for $5.
I've used the same one for years.

Keep this in mind. People sort their mail while standing over the bin. You do it, so you know it's true. You have to have
something that stands out and says, "This might be important, I'll
look at it later."

Change their cash register and credit card terminal receipt to
read, "For Preferred Customer Discounts Sign Up At: (their

There is a toll free number on the side of every register
and terminal for support. Just call them and they will walk you
through changing it. It only takes about 10 minutes.

This strategy is awesome because it does two major jobs when it
comes to marketing.

1. It captures all their current customers because everybody
reads their receipt, and everybody wants to be a preferred
customer to get discounts. It also captures all walk in traffic that
actually BUY something. Which leads us to:

2. A list of nothing but BUYERS of their product. No tirekickers or
browsers, buyers only! You may need to clarify to them exactly
why that's so powerful.

Now you've made a client for life and there are tons of other
methods to help them, and generate a great living for you as

I've just shared a tested, proven method to generate some
serious emergency money FAST! Just copy and paste the direct
mail letter and get to work.

You can do this.
I told you it was stupidly simple, and it works because it really is really helping them,
and that's what it's all about.


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