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Guide to E-Whoring

After being successful with the concept of E-Whoring and implementing it to earn some cash i am sharing my techniques and method's with my fellow CLH member's.I hope you appreciate my efforts
What Is E-Whoring?
If you’ve dabbled in any blackhat money making methods online you’ll know that there are countless shady and unethical ways to go about raking in the cash. E-Whoring is one such way of making money and in it’s simplest form involves posing a member of a particular sex (usually female), in order to entice the other party to take some form of action. The E-Whoring method is usually used to get horny males in chat rooms to fill in affiliate offers. In the last couple of years the method has been used to get CPA leads for Cam
sites. But as you can imagine affiliate marketers no how to spoil a party and the promotion of Cam sites has become less effective.

The Method:

I used to send 100s of people through my Cam site affiliate link and got very few conversions – quite often less than 1%. I realised that the men in these chat rooms were tricked too many times by marketers that they simply didn’t fall for the scam anymore. Add to this the fact that in most chat rooms Bots are always lurking and you can see why the conversions stunk. So after some hard thinking I decided to try and get the guys in the chat rooms to buy me a little gift in return for a little peek at my ‘breasts’ (Mind you, I haven’t got any because I am 100% male). I tried the idea and it worked. The first guy bought me product off eBay for $12. It was then that I got struck with the lightening bolt of an idea: “What if I got the guy to buy me an eBook, and better still, what if the eBook was my product?” I hope you see the beauty of this method. Every gift I got put money right into my Paypal account. I made over $300 in my first week. And thus the ‘E-Whore Method’ was born. I am going to take you through the setting up of the system step by step so you can start earning some serious cash straight away.
So let’s get to it…

Find PLR Product And Set Up Website (steps 1 & 2)
In order for this system to work you are going to need a quality PLR product that is female oriented. This is because when you ask your victim for the gift, you want him to feel comfortable about his purchase. And if you ask him for some Mach III razors for example he might find you a little strange, and perhaps think you are a man pretending to be a woman. Needless to say you can’t have that.
Where to get PLR There is one place I go for all my PLR products and that is PLR it has the largest collection in my opinion and PLRs on this site won’t be found all over the internet. All the products in there are of high quality and span every niche known to man. And the best thing about this site is that it’s 100% free.

Next set up product website

As soon as you find a suitable plr product, you want to set up a website complete with payment processor (I use Paypal). Any plr product you get will have a sales page and ‘thank you’ page included so it’s just a matter of uploading the entire website to your web host. If you don’t have a web you can get an account at they are the cheapest and most reliable on the net and they are the ones I use for all my hosting needs. The initial outlay is about $7 and you’ll make this back within 30 minutes of setting up the system anyway, so don’t worry about the cost.

You’ll need a website editor to do some slight editing of the plr site and if you haven’t got one you can use Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s very expensive, and I don’t suggest you rush out to buy it at all (use Ahem).

Install Yahoo Messenger and Fake Webcam (steps 3 & 4)
You’ve set up your product complete with payment link and download page, the next you want to do now is download and install Yahoo messenger and the Fake Webcam software. I am not going to too much detail about setting these up because both have wizard interface and are easy to set up. Yahoo Messenger Make sure you download and install the US version of Yahoo messenger as I am not sure if other versions have adult chat included. If you live in the UK and download the UK version, you won’t be able to access adult chat rooms.

You can download US Yahoo Messenger after installation set up a fake yahoo id. Give it a sexy sounding name like Find a believable but provocative picture and use it on your profile page. This will help you to get guys pm-ing you in the chat rooms.

Fake Webcam

You are going to need this software to deliver the ‘goods’ to your victim (horny male). Aside from your ability to be persuasive, this software is the single most important part of this system.
Download a free copy of Fake Webcam : Fake_Webcam_5.1_Keygen.rar some clips of a few webcam girls. I tend to use softcore web cam videos as the guys find them more believable. Whatever you do though, make sure the video you download has a bit of gradualism to it – i.e. the girl in the video
must not fully naked. If you can find a video where she is fully clothes and typing, then gradually take of her clothes you’ll be onto a winner.

Chat Scripts/Examples
Now that you’ve got everything set up and ready let me give you a few examples of conversation starters and little tricks to move your agenda along. I usually go to the 40s love and above chat rooms. I find the men in these rooms more receptive, you can test though to see which type of rooms
convert better for you. Conversation starters (When you initiate a pm):
You: Hi gorgeous, how are you?
Guy: I am fine blah blah blah
You: I am a bit bored. The guys in here are so boring, they don’t seem to
have anything exciting to say to me (at this stage he’ll get excited and
probably ask you if you have pic/cam)
Guy: Have you got a pic or cam
You: Both hun, why do you ask (it’s obvious I know but you say it for effect)
Guy: Can I see your cam?
You: Of course honey, but what can you do for me?
Guy: What have you got in mind? (This is where you go for the kill)
You: Well, lol, I have had my eye on this book for quite sometime. It’s about
[insert your niche here] and I’d love it if you got it for me.
Guy: Ok – what do you want me to do?
You: Well here’s the website that is selling it - All you have to do is visit the site and
get me that book. PM me the download link when you are finished. It will only
take you a couple of minutes. [Don’t tell the guy how much the product costs,
it usually puts them off]
Guy: Ok – brb
It’s that simple. All you have to be nice to the guys, appear genuine and
ready to please them and they’ll be putty in your hands.

Final Thoughts
I hope you see from the very straightforward layout of this system that there is ‘gold’ to be had in them chat rooms. This remains one of the easiest ways for me to make money online and I know some of you will turn your nose up at it, but $80-90 a day is nothing to sniff at.
I have come across countless people online who struggle to make even $10 a day, so don’t pass up on this opportunity. You’ve got the guide, and I have included as many of the tools as possible.
All you have to do now is go out and implement. Remember what I pointed out at the beginning: 99% of people fail online because of a lack of action.
Don’t be afraid to take this method and twist it even further. It was innovation that made it work for me and I am sure you are capable of adding your own twist to it thus making even more cash.

I hope you people like and appreciate my thread
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