Sunday, 25 January 2009

Make money with Dating Gold

DatingGold is a website portal that allows you to make massive profit from Adult Cam websites.
Here is a step by step guide that makes me at least $20 a day. This method is by getting others to signup for a membership and confirm their e-mail..and you make $3....Amazing eh?!
(Some offers pay as high as $75 per signup as long as credit card info and trials are subscribed to. )
Signing up to make profit

1. Signup an account at

2. Once registered & logged in Click the button at the top 'Statistics'

3. Click the small blue text 'get your linking codes here'

This will bring you to the page where you setup as as many promotions as you want. Below is my example but you can try any method you wish.

4. Click 'Amateur Match' > then next

5. Click '$3.00 Per Lead' > then next

6. Click next again(you will create a campaign name later)

7. Click on any banner you wish to assign to the campaign(not really needed but you still have to do it) > then next

8. Click on the landing of your choice...I always use id Skin 23 > then next

9. This will bring you to a summary page with a promotional link
http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" target="_top">" width="125" height="125" border="0">
If you extract the "http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/" this will be the URL you will use when advertising.

Advertising to make profit

Goto - shorten that long URL into a Tiny URL and tiny url your link to something like HotCindy or whatever
At this point you want to make a catchy ad to attract a ton of replies. I usually post in 10-15 major cities an hour. I use proxies and confirmed accounts...but to start you can just try normally but you will eventually get banned or flagged for spamming.Now as you can see the ideas are endless from this point that you can make $3 per valid confirmed signup. My example will be using Craigslist. Find a major city like Toronto or Miami on Craigslist.

Then create a post in "Women Seeking Men"

Title- Pst the boyfriend is gone for the week! 24(age)
Body-" Hey guys my controlling boyfriend is off on business for a week so who wants to take me out and have some fun?
- xoxoxo Cindy <3"
*Attach a picture of a realistic hot chick also
- Use a gmail address or the gmail + cheat

In Gmail turn on your vacation mode in 'Settings' this way you can auto reply to a good major of ad's.
Make your reply something like
"hey hun too many creeps try to take advantage of me so i feel more comfy if you can show me I am worth it and chat at my site with me. Visit http www / hotcindy
once ur there reply me back ur username and I will invite you
xxoxoxo tnx hun"

I sometimes also manually reply to ensure the right people are talking to me. You will also get the odd person who will give you their cc info. Do NOT use that to be is usally just stolen anyways.

So basically if you get them to signup...boom your job is done and you will be credited $3. The art to this is finding what works for ands and what works for replies. Keep switching it up.
--If you have any questions or comments feel free to reply here and I will be more then happy to help.


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