Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How To Create And Promote an Ebook from Scratch in 24 Hours

Go to: www.sacred-texts.com Pay attention: this is such a gem of a site. Lots of ready-made bestselling content.Then just click on any link you choose.Example: Chinese Occultism (1907 )A great (bestselling content) in the Public Domain, just to show one of many.Another bestselling example? Kung Fu: Taoist Medical Gymnastics This one is truly a bestseller, by itself.
You have the books there on HTML, so just copy and paste.
Then you can do many many things with that PD book:

1 - Write an intro, a sort of review, your thoughts about it, your experience with it, if any.

2 - Add beautiful PD images related to the content.

3 - Use good-looking fonts for the text (remember: Design Matters)...The type of fonts you can find on dafont.com
4 - Add links to your Optin page and your other sites.
5 - Write a review/presell of a highly related product with your affiliate link...
6 - And finally convert it to PDF.

You have created a good Ebook now.

Total time? 15 to 45 min.

*** AND, and this is VERY important, now YOU HOLD the copyright for that ebook...


Yes, you´ve just made a "derivative work", by adding the introduction words, the beautiful images, the killer fonts, and some other easy things.
So now you hold the rights to that ebook. That ebook is no longer a Public Domain book. It is now YOUR updated and creative version.

You are now a good publisher.

So what´s next?

1 - Offer the ebook for free over the internet, making it VIRAL, with your links in it.

2 - Offer the free download in your blog for subscribing to your list, etc...

3 - Offer the right to freely distribute your ebook to everybody who signs up to your list.

4 - Offer the ebook in EVERY related Giveaway event.

5 - Write (or outsource) a Press Release and let the world know about your NEW ebook.

6 - Set up a blog related to your ebook, (you can use and split entire chapters of the book and the introduction ou wrote for it, as blog posts), add adsense, amazon related books links, clickbank links, and YOUR book as a "Limited Time FREE Download - Sign Up NOW!"

7 - Oh, I forgot, remember to make a good-looking e-cover (be different from everyone). Design really matters, and attract people.

8 - Use some catchy phrases from the book (there´s lots of them) as the titles for your blogs and massively ping them out, social bookmarking each new blog post you upload.

9 - Keep that same catchy sentences and words from the book and setup an easy to do viral Youtube video. Use the phrases with inspiring and story telling PD images, and show also captions and snapshots of your ebook (an inside tour), and show your e-cover also.

Remember to watermark (continuous watermark, performs better) the video with your Optin page address, and write a to-the-point call to action at the end of the video. Something like:

- "Get this amazing book FOR FREE at: .... Hurry! Limited Copies"

(or something like that)

Don´t know how to craft an easy video like that?

No problem:

. Go to One True Media - slideshows, free photo sharing, facebook app, slide shows, MySpace slideshows, MySpace codes, free video sharing, video montages. or animoto - the end of slideshows and just upload the text and images, and the (good) built in editor on those sites will produce you a really nice video you can be proud of.

10 - Then go and submit your video to EVERY video site out there.

And all of the above can be done in one evening...

* This model has be done hundreds of times with great results.

* This model has literally started many online business.

* This model can easily be replicated over and over with any Public Domain book, or any compilation of them...


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