Sunday, 14 December 2008

Easiest 50-100 pound I know!

This involves a little work, but it's a great method.

Ok Here's what you do.
Go to the for sale section of CraigList or any other advertising place
Advertise a few exotic cars for sale, nothing too crazy maybe a mercedes, lexus etc. List them for 20% under market value.
put a number to Voice mail and say you've reached such and such autos please visit the link in our ad for more info on the car Etc.. or say it in the voicemail and make sure you repeat it slowly for them to write it down. You can get free voicemail from or alternatively signing up for both Sipgate for the free land line with voicemail and Piovy to make free landline calls both for free at poivY and You'll only need phoner lite if you have vista 'cos the Sipgate softfone software doesn't work yet with vista but you can get all the settings you need for phoner lite from your Sipgate account info you'll recieve! here's the link for Phoner lite
Link the Ad or type in your landing page on the ad. Craiglist is apparently cracking down on links
Make a landing page with that car with a full description of the vehicle make it look legit. You can get and make free websites from loads of places, just google or got - Free website, free hosting, free webpage - Make a web site with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more! and set up an account and make a free one there!
In huge blue lettering say 'Find out if you qualify for 100% financing on this car. '
There are many car offers/affilates etc that you can link this to. They usually pay 8-12$
This works great and I'll tell you why.
Once the people that call find out they can actually get a car loan they usually convert and buy another car down the line. Which causes you no hassles anywhere
You're actually not screwing advertisers.
This will also work with insurance advertisers.
Remember to hide your traffic source. They will bitch about the traffic being from CraigList unless you link directly from your website! or externally like a published adertising paper!
What's nice about this when the advertiser calls the people saying I was looking at a car and I wanted to know about financing.
They're not going to hear like some guy told me he would give me a free porn dvd if I filled out this offer. (you know what I'm getting at)
Good Luck Guys


  1. Another really good idea to make a steady flow of money via a really legal, simple way. I'm going to enjoy seeing what sort of money this can make, i'm looking at starting a few money making ideas up after christmas so i'm looking forward to what you blog, glad I got to be your 1st follower!