Monday, 15 December 2008

How to get cheaper fuel at Tesco

How to get cheaper fuel at Tesco

As some of you may know tesco do a deal that if you spend over £50 at tesco you get a voucher for 5p off a liter which can add up to alot

To work around paying the £50

1 Go to tesco and spend £50 (Its okay you will get this back) on clothes, jeans something like that.

2 go to the checkout and get your voucher

3 Go to petrol station and fill up using your voucher

4Go back to tesco, return the items you bought and ask for your money back as they dont fit

There you go, an extra 5p of a liter of petrol!


  1. Nice one mate, would never have thought of this if I wouldn't have stumbled over this blog! what a simple way of getting a bit of money back from fuel, you could even fill up 2 cars etc with the 1 voucher so it makes it that bit more worth it!
    Loving this blog already and can't wait 'till it gets into full swing!